Kenma Kozume

Appearance Kenma Kozume

Kenma has a medium height and a small body. He also has a unsteady posture. His cat-like golden eyes, blond hair and black roots are some of his most notable features. He wears casual clothes and his Nekoma uniform, which is a standard black and red jersey. He often carries a mobile game console and a cell phone with him. In his first year at high Kenma Kozume, he had dyed his hair. He claimed that he didn’t want to be “standout”. As seen in Haikyuu! Yamamoto also claimed that he looked like Sadako when gaming with his black hair covering him face, much to the dismay of Kenma Kozume.

Kenma Kozume allowed his hair to grow a little longer after the Spring Tournament. He is now back to his natural dark color, but still has some blond.

Kenma Kozume Personality

Kenma is a calm, collected and analytical person. He is calm and composed and does not lose his temper. Yamamoto and Hinata were in their first year of high school when Yamamoto was Yamamoto.

Kenma Kenma Kozume is reserved and doesn’t like being noticed or standing out because of this. He is shy and unable to be approachable. Kuroo was his only friend since elementary school. He doesn’t like the authority of being an upperclassman, and doesn’t expect his juniors will automatically respect him. Lev often reminds him that he doesn’t need to be as formal with him.

Kenma is not known for showing many emotions, which can make him appear cold to others. It is clear that Kenma cares about his friends and can spot small problems in their behavior. Kuroo was younger and felt down after losing a volleyball match. Kenma Kozume saw this feeling and asked Kuroo if he would like to “level up” and practice volleyball. The manga also shows another side of Kuroo, when he confesses to trying hard to win for his friends.

Despite his small personality, Kenma has a great game sense and technique. His strong strategic abilities and game sense make up for the lack of speed, power and stamina. He seems apathetic, but Kenma Kozume loves volleyball. He would quit if he did not enjoy the sport, which he said was because it allowed him to improve his skills in the same way as video games. Although he has a hard time admitting to his feelings, his true motivation for continuing volleyball is his friends. Kenma Kozume has also been shown to be very competitive.

Kenma is described as someone who has a lot of head and shoulders after the time skip. He is a stock trader, Youtuber, Youtuber, and CEO of his company. However, he does not spend much money except on video games and sponsorships for Hinata while he was in Brazil.

Background Kenma Kozume

Kenma was shy when he was younger and was unable to make friends by himself[1]. Kuroo, a neighbor and his age, was Kenma’s only friend. Although they had very little in common, the two spent lots of time together. One day Kenma asked Kuroo what he wanted to do and Kuroo said yes. As he introduced Kenma volleyball, Kuroo was a bit timid but enthusiastic.

Although Kenma didn’t like sports at the time, he discovered that volleyball was quite enjoyable and enjoyed playing on discs just as Kuroo did. Kuroo eventually convinced Kenma to join him at a practice session. He even convinced him that he would like to be a setter. Kuroo told Kenma about the position of setter, which seemed to suit a strategist like Kenma because it didn’t require much movement and was easy to perform. However, Kenma would soon discover that this was not true. Kenma joined the junior high volleyball team, where he was awarded the number 4.

Kenma considered quitting when he first joined the boy’s team for volleyball in high school because of the difficult relationship he had at the time with third-year players. He was often left out and forced to run faster than the rest of the team. Kuroo persuaded Kenma to change his mind by reminding him how incredible he was and telling him that Coach Nekomata would soon return to the team.

Yamamoto was also his first year and he ran into Yamamoto. Yamamoto’s overzealous behavior, constant talk of “willpower” quickly made Yamamoto furious. Yamamoto was also annoyed at Kenma’s lack of enthusiasm and passion. Yamamoto felt down after a practice match. Kenma saw this and gave Yamamoto some advice from Kuroo about how to make more effort to get along with others. This quickly escalated into a clash between ideologies and Kenma began to shout. Fukunaga then splashed water on Yamamoto and Kenma to stop the fighting from getting out of control.

Yamamoto later realized that Kenma Kozume was a “lazy slotsh” and that he doesn’t like losing. He was grateful that Nekoma had his analytical skills on his side during a match. Yamamoto suggested to Kenma that he call him “Tora” to show his friendship. Kenma responded with “Do you have to?” However, he does sometimes call him this name.


  • Karasuno High Team Formation Arc
  • Hinata’s First Meeting
  • Hinata runs into Kenma Kuzume after getting lost.

Nekoma departs Tokyo to practice against their fated rivals, Karasuno High. Kenma is separated from the team when he arrives and becomes lost. He ends up playing a mobile video game as he waits for someone to find his location. Hinata, who was running with his team, also becomes lost and approaches the setter. Hinata tried to initiate a conversation but Kenma became more focused on his game. Hinata then points out that Kenma and Hinata are both volleyball players after Kenma found a pair of shoes in Kenma’s bag.

Hinata continues to ask him many questions until he realizes that Kenma was a second-year. Kenma says that Kenma doesn’t like formalities in athletics and tells him to relax. Hinata asks Kenma if he enjoys volleyball and he responds with no. Kenma says he doesn’t hate the sport, but he dislikes getting tired. His friends enjoy it, and he’s sure they wouldn’t be able to do it without him. Hinata discovers Kenma is a setter and explains that Hinata is a middle blocker. He wonders if this is strange since it’s only for tall men. Hinata is surprised when Kenma responds that it isn’t, despite receiving similar comments from people who are not as athletic playing the position reserved only for the best players on the team. Hinata questions Kenma about whether Kenma’s school has been strong. He replies that it had been strong in the past but it had declined. But lately it’s been quite strong. His teammate Kuroo interrupts Kenma’s conversation and tells him the school’s name. He tells Hinata he will see him soon as he leaves, confusing the latter [4].

Nekoma wins the match 

Kuroo and Kenma then head to a training match against Tsukinokizawa. Tsukinokizawa starts making disparaging comments about Kenma’s inability to control his movements during warm-up. Kuroo defends him by saying that he is the backbone and brain of Nekoma High. Nekoma wins straight sets and dominates, leaving their opponents puzzled about why they lost. Tsukinokizawa’s players point out that while none of the Nekoma players is a genius at defense or offense, they are still strong. Later in the evening, players debate whether Karasuno has a female boss. Yamamoto questions Kenma about his opinion. The latter responds that he doesn’t care, but is looking forward to the match to his surprise.

Karasuno Practice Match

Soon, the day of the practice match between Nekoma & Karasuno arrives. Hinata is stunned to see Kenma as a Nekoma member, and both teams are lined up in front of one another. After the team greeting, Hinata approaches Kenma and asks him why he hadn’t mentioned that he was a Nekoma member. After the team greeting, Hinata approaches Kenma and asks him why he didn’t ask. Hinata explained that he knew he would see Hinata again because he noticed ‘Karasuno High School” written on Hinata’s shirt. Kageyama asks Hinata questions about Kenma and Hinata responds that he’s Nekoma’s setter. This pique Kageyama’s curiosity.

Kenma informs Kuroo before the match starts that his pre-match speeches were embarrassing. But then he trails off and Kuroo is taken by the rest of his teammates. The match begins when the referee whistles. Kenma informs Hinata before he accepts his place to serve that Nekoma is strong not only because of him but because of the whole team. Kageyama, Hinata and their signature quick strike off the bat leave everyone stunned, even Kenma. He approaches Hinata, telling him that he is shocked and that the move was incredible.

Kenma suggests a plan for Hinata to be stopped 

Nekoma requests a time-out as Karasuno continues to attack fast. Kenma says that they can stop Hinata by narrowing their range of movement. Inuoka tells him to chase him; even if they don’t win the first round, he will become more comfortable with his movements.

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