Personality Akainu

Akainu believes in justice, righteousness, and the truth. He is intransigent and heartless and a fanatical follower of “Absolute Justice”, which is Akainu’s to execute criminals at all costs, regardless of how they were convicted. But Aka inu’s extremism is much more than the average extremist Marine. It is akin to Hody Jones, a more extreme version Arlong. He has made even those who agree with his beliefs question theirs. His intransigent, intransigent, heartless, and fanatical to the motto of “Absolute Justice” has caused marines below him to fear him and hate him. Veteran New World Pirate Squard felt a chill just by seeing him.

Aka inu’s personal view on the Marines’ philosophy is “Thorough Justice”, which is to eliminate any evil or escape with extreme prejudice. He attempted to take Coby’s life after the cadet asked to stop war. title, or the literal Akainu meaning of “Red Dog”, seems to reflect his tendency to hunt down his prey like a hunting dog after it has detected a scent.

He actively pursued a mentally disabled Luffy and knocked aside all those who got in his path. However, he was so focused upon Luffy that Akainu Marco and Vista were able to continue interfering with Luffy’s attempts on his life. Even then Aka inu was still more concerned with Luffy’s bloodline than veteran pirates. He at best advised them to get out of Luffy’s way.

This is a striking display of Akainu shortsightedness

His philosophy of being thorough prevented him from seeing any threat beyond his immediate reach. He barely noticed Blackbeard’s attempt to sink Marineford, even though Sengoku was fighting off the Blackbeard Pirates at that time. This makes him a dangerous, single-minded murderer much like the stereotype Akainu view of criminals around the world. Whitebeard was actually distracted by Luffy, which allowed him to launch an attack behind him and was temporarily defeated as a result.

Aka inu’s extreme beliefs led him to label anyone a threat due to their bloodlines. He specifically targeted Monkey D. Luffy, Portgas D. Ace, and Monkey D. Luffy because their fathers were criminals, rather than their actual actions. He went so far to declare that even if any other pirate escaped Marineford alive, he would not give the brothers that chance and actively pursued them down. As if slightly puzzled that people would be willing to protect such a man due to his lineage, he even tried to tell the Whitebeard Pirates.

Akainu extreme beliefs may be despite or because is deceitful and manipulative. These traits are a great example.

When needed, can be clever and exploitative. Although Ace was a threat to him because he was the pirate King’s son, he knew Ace was not happy with this association. He used this knowledge to his advantage and showed that Ace was Akainu aware of his father’s shame. This weakness could be exploited to win the Marine war. In an effort to turn Whitebeard’s enemies against him, he even tried to pretend sympathy for Squard.

Another reason Aka inu may have been contrary to his beliefs or because of his extreme views in heritage Aka Inu seems to put a lot of value in the Marines below him. His men were told not to run away from their posts in cowardice, but to honor their families. Aka inu believes families are defined by blood. He is disgusted at the Whitebeard Pirates’s close bond between them and mocks it openly. He also calls the Whitebeard Pirates following their late captain’s last escape order hypocritical.

Akainu disagrees with his beliefs about justice and heritage, but he nevertheless He adopts a non-interventionist stance regarding the hedonism of the Celestial Dragons’ criminal acts and atrocities. Instead, he ignores these crimes and Akainu doesn’t see them as his business. Despite the fact that they are guilty of worse crimes than most pirates, he is able to turn a blind eye. Aka inu will not consider something that does not reflect well on the Marine’s reputation. Sakazuki believes that the Marines must appear credible. If the truth is not to his satisfaction, Sakazuki, just like the World Government will resort to hiding, altering, or ignoring it in order to maintain a credible image.

He is able to recognize when it is necessary to take less aggressive measures, despite Aka Inu’s natural tendency towards hunting down his Akainu enemies. Even when Shanks arrived to stop the war, he was able to show remarkable restraint. Sakazuki refused to fight with a Yonko and fought his way through many others, even though he was being attacked by Luffy just seconds earlier. He did not get into an altercation, however, with the Red-Hair Pirates.

Although Aka inu is well-known for slaying weaker Marines who get in his way or are dissenting from his views, Aka inu has a certain amount of respect and even leniency towards stronger Marines. This was only reserved for the Admirals. Sakazuki was even able to call Issho “Saka-san”, even though he wasn’t there to give such a sentence. Issho even sparred Kuzan, despite the fact that their duel was Akainu to the death. Aka inu is clearly very upset that Kuzan didn’t serve under him. His whims of mercy went to waste on his, telling the Gorosei openly that Kuzan has nothing to do now that he has quit the Navy despite being associated with the dangerous Blackbeard Pirates.

Aka inu showed great respect for Zephyr during his time as Zephyr’s mentor. However, Aka Inu would not hesitate to send the entire Marines against his mentor, Zephyr, in the film, One Piece: Film Z.

Aka inu is fearless, stubborn, headstrong and merciless in battle, challenging the mighty Whitebeard and boldly insulting Ace to get Ace face to face him. Then, instead of aiming to kill Ace, Luffy distracted and outmatched him. Even though Aka inu was hopelessly outmatched by the Yonko, and almost helpless for a while, he took advantage of the moment to launch an attack that temporarily destroyed Ace. Yet, Aka inu does not hesitate to surprise when unexpected events occur. For example, when Shanks stopped his attack and expectedly arrived, or when Doflamingo was defeated.

In many ways, Aka inu represents the World Government’s totalitarian system towards dissenting views while disregarding the World Government’s depravity. This caused many high ranking government officials and politicians to Akainu elect Aka inu as the successor fleet admiral to Sengoku’s nominated Kuzan. The government was also willing to give unprecedented power to the Marines 

Aka Inu’s leadership, however, while he adheres to much of the World Government’s views, he isn’t as open to certain actions of some of them as he was to the Celestial Dragons.

Aka inu was clearly not happy with Doflamingo’s fake resignation towards the Gorosei and boldly insulted them because they had to follow the demands of one pirate. This eventually led to a heated argument between the elders. While he was willing to lie to civilians about Doflamingo’s defeat he was not tolerant of the World Government keeping information that prevented the Marines from fully understanding the situation. This proves that Aka inu criminals can use the government over the marines to their advantage is beyond what he will accept from his superiors.

Totto Land’s event reveals that Aka inu regrets his failure to kill Luffy two years ago. Aka inu was cautious when he instructed Wano to be left Akainu alone after Kaido and Big Mom had formed an alliance. He doesn’t have enough military strength to go against the Beast Pirates or Big Mom Pirates.


Marines: is a fierce mariner. He has little respect for his subordinates. When he feels dissatisfied by his men, he will kill them on a whim and kill another enemy. He killed a Marine who ran from Marineford. Another time, he was okay with having some marines killed on a ship to prevent the Ohara scientist escaping from the island. He is Fleet Admiral and yells at his subordinates when they are unhappy with their mission. Since the Shichibukai was eliminated, Aka Inu was cautious with the Navy forces. He was happy to keep the numbers he had, as their military power couldn’t compete against Kaido or Big Mom.

World Government: Aka Inu has been shown to be loyal the World Government. He adheres to Absolute Justice ideology and is willing and able to enforce it at the cost of civilian lives and safety.

Kuzan/Aokiji his rival, shows hostility to his former colleague. Aokiji called after he killed Ohara survivors.

He was a fool for his outrageous actions. Aokiji was spared by Aka inu after their duel over fleet admiral. He intended to have him serve under him in Akainu Marines. Aokiji, however, refused to follow Aka inu’s orders and quit the Marines. Aka inu showed no concern for Aokiji when he left the Marines.

Borsalino/Kizaru – Aka inu seems to be good friends with Kizaru. Aka inu advised Kizaru to wait until they knew the strength of Wano samurais when he offered to take care of Kaido/Big Mom.

Issho/Fujitora Fujitora exposed the truth about Dressrosa, and prevented the government from covering it up. Aka inu became furious at Fujitora, and demanded why he hadn’t reported the incident to the headquarter before taking action. Fujitora responded that if he didn’t report, Aka inu would cover up the incident. He explained that cover-ups were important for Marines to preserve their dignity. Aka inu forbade Fujitora to set foot on any Marine Base until he captured Luffy or Law. Aka inu reached out to Ryokugyu in order to expel Fujitora from Mary Gloise after he was captured Luffy and Law. After the World Government was abolished, the Shichibukai were removed from it. Aka inu realized Fujitora’s goal and was told by the admiral that he believed in the SSG (Special Science Group).

Sengoku: Aka Inu has followed the orders of his predecessor during the Marineford War. He can also get mad at him. Sengoku made fun of Aka inu’s stress at being a Fleet Admiral and made him yell at him. Sengoku interrupted Aka inu’s meeting. However, Aka was willing to explain to his predecessor why the Navy couldn’t go to Wano. He was also calm around him.

Gorosei: Aka inu confronts Gorosei about Doflamingo’s fake resignation. He advised them not to go out of their ways to help Doflamingo. The Gorosei didn’t like Aka inu’s attitude when they left the situation to Cipher Pol. They blame Akainu inu for Kuzan joining Blackbeard, which they thought was a terrible shame for the Marines.


Monkey D. Luffy. Aka inu has a deep obsession with killing Luffy. Aka inu refers to Luffy often as “Dragon’s son” and believes that he is a major criminal who must be stopped. Aka inu was obsessed with killing Luffy during the Marineford War and Akainu was willing to chase him down despite the danger Blackbeard posed. After killing his brother Portgas D. Ace, Aka inu became Luffy’s Marine archenemy. He failed to kill him but left behind a huge scar on his chest. Aka inu sent Fujitora, who was to help Luffy form an alliance with Law. After reading the Totto Land incident, Aka inu became furious at Luffy’s troubles and considered his mistakes. He was unable kill Luffy in the war at Marineford. Luffy, on the other hand, harbors a tremendous hatred towards Aka inu because of what he did to him and for killing his brother Ace.

Monkey D. Dragon – Aka inu has a strong hatred for Dragon. Details of their interactions are unknown. Aka inu had the knowledge of Dragon’s family and tried to take Monkey D. Luffy’s life. This failed.

Shichibukai – Aka inu, like many marines distrusts the Shichibukai because they don’t follow the direct orders of the Government. They were just pirates to him. Aka inu, despite his distrust of the Shichibukai, considered them a necessary military force when they were disbanded.

Trafalgar D. Water Law. Aka inu sent Fujitora from Dressrosa after hearing about Law’s alignment to Luffy. Law was made a Shichibukai after Doflamingo’s fall. His bounty was increased to 500,000,000 Berries. Aka inu expressed an interest in Fujitora’s murder of Law to honor Luffy’s loyalty.

Jinbe: Aka Inu considered Jinbe a traitor because he resigned for the Shichibukai. Jinbe rejected his offer of mercy and refused to hand over Luffy. He then protected Jinbe with his own life. Aka inu admits Jinbe was trying to kill Luffy and Akainu that his efforts to save his life were futile. During the war, Aka inu was willing kill Jinbe and Luffy.

Crocodile: Crocodile stopped Aka inu from killing Jinbe and Luffy. Crocodile and the Whitebeard Pirates were willing to stop Aka Inu’s pursuit of Jinbe and Luffy.

Edward Newgate: Aka Inu was Whitebeard’s enemy. Whitebeard is not respected by Aka inu, unlike Garp and Sengoku who are senior Marines. During their confrontation, Whitebeard asked Aka inu to light the birthday cake. Aka would prefer to light it for Whitebeard’s funeral. Aka inu was not happy with the reckless damage Whitebeard did to Marineford. She told him to stop. Aka inu, who was determined in his battle against Whitebeard and willing to die for him in one of their battles Akainu was not afraid. Aka inu, unlike most Marines, was not afraid to face Whitebeard alone. Whitebeard nearly killed Ace when Aka Inu killed him, but Aka Inu did the right thing and dealt him a blow (in anime).

Shanks: Luffy escaped successfully and Aka inu cursed Shanks because he interfered in his pursuit to kill Luffy. Aka inu was visibly upset when Luffy could not be killed by Shanks after Shanks declared victory in the Marineford War.

Marshall D. Teach. Aka inu became more interested in following and trying to kill Luffy, while Blackbeard was wrecking havoc in Marineford. Aka inu was shocked when Blackbeard claimed he had killed Whitebeard. He ignored him and concentrated his attention on Luffy. Aka inu appeared and Blackbeard ran off with his crew despite Akainu the power he possessed.

Yonko – Aka inu considered the Yonko major threats. Aka inu shows caution when he hears about Kaido’s and Big Mom’s alliances. He leaves them alone because he doesn’t have enough military power to defeat the Yonko alliance.

Zephyr: Aka inu regarded Zephyr as a father figure and respected him under Zephyr’s orders. Now Aka Inu has ordered his entire marine force to stop Zephyr’s Neo-Marines. This even though Aka inu initially didn’t want Zephyr to die.

Jewelry Bonney: Aka inu took Bonney into custody after Blackbeard ran away. He heard that the World Government was worried about Bonney’s disappearance, which he believes makes him feel sick. Bonney reacted by hating both the Government as well as Marines, and she won’t forgive them.

Abilities and powers

Aka inu is the current fleet admiral for the Marines and has complete command over the troops below him as well as the agents of the Akainu government. He was able to summon the Buster Call and summon the golden den-den mushi, which allowed him to attack any islands considered to be dangerous. He could revoke the title of a Shichibukai at any moment before their disbandment.

Aka inu was manipulative and deceiver. He provoked and mocked his enemies Ace and Squard about Whitebeard.

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