Garden Bench: buying guide

Garden bench are designed for comfort and style. There are many options available, from modern or vintage-style benches to benches with storage, backrests, or adjustable parts.

How to choose the right garden bench

Three main factors will guide your selection of a garden bench: reading, chatting or relaxing.

Your bench comfort is important and will be influenced by how you use it. For extended periods of use, choose a model that has a backrest. Marble and concrete, for example, tend to be cool while metals heat up in direct sunlight. You can solve this problem by choosing a model that has a cushion.Your garden bench should be sturdy and long-lasting to provide safe and stable seating. It must be weather-resistant without losing any of its key features or needing too much maintenance.

You can match the style of your garden bench to your other outdoor furniture, or you can choose to make it stand out and create a focal point. The material you choose will play a major role in this. There are many options available, including cast iron, aluminum, wood, stone, wrought, resin, concrete, and even aluminium.

Garden bench materials

The style and maintenance requirements of your bench will influence the material you choose.

Wooden garden benches

Wooden garden benches are timeless in style. You can choose the wood species. Choose between European woods (pine, locust, oak, etc. ), which must also be treated for outdoor use, as well as exotic woods such itauba, cumaru and teak. These woods are naturally resistant to rot. Different wood species have different resistances to moisture, insects and fungi.

Composite wood benches are made from wood fibres and plastic. Composite wood benches are made up of wood fibres and plastic. These are the specifications.

PVC or resin garden benches

PVC, resin, or another plastic material (polypropylene and polyethylene) garden benches are lightweight and weather-resistant. However, they are more expensive. To prevent it from fading, make sure your resin garden bench has UV resistance.

Garden benches made of steel or iron are heavy but strong. They are not susceptible to being blown over by the wind, but they can be more difficult to maneuver. They can also heat up in sunlight so you will need to take them inside or cover them with cushions.

Aluminium garden benches

Moderner style aluminum benches are more resistant to weather conditions like rain, heat, and frost. rust. They can heat up in direct sunlight, just like steel models.

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