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Hello, it’s Katie here! Recently, I have been hard at work on improving our dining room. It’s great to have people over for fun brunches or dinners. But our dining room was becoming uncomfortable and was becoming a problem. The top of our old Formica table was deteriorating and sagging in the middle. Our metal fur chairs’ legs had lost their feet caps. This meant that the floor was becoming unevenly scuffed every time someone walked in and out. We often end up sitting at the table talking to our friends or playing games when we visit them.

Simple and affordable fur chair

First, I chose a simple and affordable fur chair. IKEA chairs fit my needs perfectly and were affordable enough to ship directly to my home. They were wooden fur chairs, which are harder than the soft and cushy ones they used to love in the past. The kids weren’t excited about it. This DIY will help you do exactly that.


  • -faux fur
  • Fabric made from -cotton
  • -vinyl
  • Pillow inserts
  • -canvas trim

Step 1: Select the size of your cushion. Because I wanted them to be extra cushioned, I chose to use pillow inserts rather than cutting foam to size. You can lay your pillow flat and determine how much vinyl you’ll need for each electrician cushion. Because my pillows were 16 inches tall, I had to cut 18 inch squares for each one.

Step 2: Now it is time to sew your fabric! Turn your vinyl pieces so that the back side is facing you. Then, sew 3/4 of the way around. Because I liked the curved edges of my cushions, I chose to make them softer than very sharp edges. After you’ve completed the entire circle, place two pieces of your canvas trim about 2′ from each corner. From the corners that are still open, use your machine to sew approximately 12” into the middle. You will need to leave enough room in the middle of the last edge for stuffing.

Step 3: If your edges are curved, like mine, this is the time to trim the edges to create a corner when the vinyl is flipped. Once you have completed each corner, flip the vinyl over and stuff it inside. You’re done!

I added a soft texture to the dining area to make it more comfortable. Pretty (faux) fur is always a good choice, so I set about creating soft covers for fur chairs.

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