These are the Most In Vogue “Fashion Nails”

Fashion Nails polish is one of the most personal and universally relatable things. Everybody has a favorite color, be it a classic (Topless & Barefoot, Big Apple Red), an Instagram-favorite (slim green), or a darker and more moody shade (navy, deep wines). It’s sophisticated and cool. It’s not uncommon to reach for the same old bottle of wine every time you go into a salon. While it’s great to have a signature, why not try something new? You can start by choosing the most in-demand nail colors.

The runways are a great place to get color inspiration. But if you’re looking for the hottest shades right now, the salons all across the country are the best place to start. In order to find the top-selling nail colors for 2020, we visited all of the local hot spots from Seattle and Boston. This list will help you plan your next appointment.

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Austin: Pearly Fashion Nails

Natalia Bychkova, the owner of Austin’s Nail Art House says that the most in-demand nail colors are the classics: sheer blushes, cherry reds and foil accents. One trend that is on the rise for those who want something more? Pearly Fashion Nails that look almost like chrome. We can see it in this photo.

Boston Metallic Mauve

Nina Park, a Boston nail artist, says that Bostonians are very conservative when it comes to their nails. However, there’s a growing clientele who is starting to experiment with minimal and abstract nail art. Her clients love shades of nude and metallic as well as mauves and metallics. Her most requested shade? “Deco Miami’s Champagne Mami has always been a crowd pleaser. This gorgeous rose gold metallic polish is a great match for all skin tones.

Chicago: Blush Fashion Nails

Chicago women love nail art. Tuyen Day, owner and operator of T Nail Bar says that clients are more inclined to take chances and experiment with nail art because they feel social media influences them. Because they provide the perfect backdrop for nail art, she says that different shades of nude are the most in demand. What is the most popular shade? OPI’s “Put It In Neutral”

Las Vegas, Baby Pink

According to Sin City women, they prefer the slot machines over taking the risk. You can’t blame them, baby pink looks great on everyone! Samantha M., the owner of Nohea Fashion Nails, says that she has a diverse clientele. “A lot people won’t wear baby pinks but we get some who love bright colors regardless of the season.” OPI’s Mod About You and Funny Bunny are her most requested colors.

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