The “Canik Tp9sfx” Serious Striker Gun

Break Your Wallet Canik Tp9sfx

The Canik Tp9sfx, and its variations, is said to be an outstanding pistol, full stop. It also offers a lot for your buck. They have been called “Glock killers”. They are better than pistols with more well-known names on the slide, according to some.

You may be thinking about getting one or if you’re tempted to get one. The TP9 is a solid pistol that makes a great handgun. The gun is available in a variety of variations so that it can be used in different situations than a single, general-purpose, full-size pistol.

  • A solid gun at a solid price, that’s it. Let’s dive in a bit more.
  • In case you are curious, you can also find Canik Tp9sfx Holsters here:
  • American shores quickly recognized the first Canik Tp9sfx as a copy of Walther P99.

Although the specs were not identical, the features were more or less. The pistol was struckr-fired, and a decoking switch was located on the slide. This enabled it to go into double-action mode. Soon after, a single-action version was released. The decocker functions as a striker activator. Picatinny rail to store accessories. Similar palmswell, changeable backstraps, striker indicators, 18+1 capacity.

The whole package was available for as low as $400. This seemed like a solid deal back then. They are still available today.

Canik, a Turkish gun manufacturer, is named after the Canik mountain range and region, located on the Black Sea coast, near the large port city Samsun. It is about a hundred miles east from Istanbul.

  • Not Constantinople. Constanti…never forget, it’s been a long time ago.
  • If you are wondering, the pronunciation of “Canik”, “Chaneek” or “Janeek”, is not “Can-ick”. Now you are aware, which is half of the battle.

Who are these Guys Anyway?

Turkey has a vibrant arms sector, contrary to popular belief. Generally speaking, Turkish gun manufacturers tend to make very decent working-class guns. They often take inspiration from or copy existing designs, which lowers R&D costs.

Canik focuses mainly on pistols, similar to Sarsilmaz or their USA-based import company SAR USA. They have worked their way to NATO certification, which isn’t an easy feat.

Their primary product line was the Canik 55 series pistols. These were/were essentially clones and smaller versions of the CZ 75. According to some reports, NATO forces received the Canik 55 pistols as sidearms.

The CZ-derived pistols are well-respected as an affordable handgun. It is reliable, accurate, and affordable to purchase. Both the C100 and T100 models can be concealed carried as compact handguns. Holsters are also readily available since they are nearly identical to the CZ 75 Compact or IWI Jericho compact.

They make solid pistols that won’t break the bank and will last for years. The TP9 pistols are not designed to be beautiful, but they can run.

TP9 Guns Are About Serious Value for Money

  • Canik Tp9sfx pistols can be a great example of the difference between inexpensive and expensive.
  • The build quality is excellent. They are actually quite heavy. One thing that you will notice is the strength of the slide.

The ergonomics are another important aspect. The pistols in the TP9 series are very comfortable and borrow heavily from Walther. They also come with swappable palm swell rearstraps that can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit for you. You can feel a firm grip with the pistol thanks to the grippy grip.

The trigger is the party piece, and TP9 pistol triggers make it a great choice. There is very little slop. Smooth travel, crisp break, and a quick, positive reset. It’s better than factory Glock triggers, we will say it. It is better than a factory Smith and Wesson M&P trigger. Because it provides a little more feedback, it is arguably superior to a factory Sig Sauer striker trigger.

Canik has also kept up with industry trends and changed the product line to provide more options for more people. In the past, you needed to purchase a pistol, then have it repaired by a gunsmith. This was a costly process that required you to spend a lot of time and money. Canik is one of the many manufacturers that offer upgrades directly from the factory.

The three dot sights have been mostly replaced by a Warren Tactical black steel rear and front-fiber optic set on all models. This is a welcome improvement over the cheesy white dots so common elsewhere.

The tactical models include extended barrels, suppressor height sights, optics ready to-slide on selected models. Canik now offers all-inclusive packages that include standard and threaded models, red dots sights, and the entire enchilada.

They still offer their budget line: the Canik ONE Series offers the gun and one magazine at a very competitive price. Century Arms charges $370 for the ONE Series, but they can usually be found elsewhere for $300.

Canik Tp9sfx pistols have been highly praised by shooters for their accuracy, reliability and ease of use. It’s quite a bargain to get one for just $300. The Canik Tp9sfx models to date

What models of Canik Tp9sfx Pistols are Available?

There are three basic pistols available: the TP9SF/TP9DA, TP9SA and TP9SA. The barrel length is 4.47 inches. Overall size is comparable to Glock 17 or another service pistol.

The SF model, a standard striker-fired gun, is similar to any other striker gun. The TP9DA double-action model has a decocking button at the slide’s top that allows the pistol to be switched between double-action and single-action modes. The TP9SA model does not have the decocker but the button acts like a striker activator.

The TP9SF Elite compact model has a shorter grip, shorter barrel and slide making it easier to carry around. The barrel length has been reduced to 4.19 inches and the magazine capacity to 15 rounds is reduced. There are two options for finishes: tungsten gray or black. It is slightly longer, wider, and taller than a Glock 19, but it would be comparable in size to an H&K VP9/Walther PPQ.

The TP9 Elite SC, a subcompact version of the TP9 Elite SC, reduces barrel length to 3.6inches and increases capacity to 12+1 with pinkie rest magazines. It also comes with a 15-round extended magazine. The Elite SC includes a slide that has been pre-milled so you can mount any optic.

The SP9SFX is also available as a competition model. The X stands to indicate “extended.” It has a barrel measuring 5.2 inches with an extended slide and comes with 20-round magazines. It is just as good as the standard SF except that it’s larger. If you need more capacity, and the utmost in controllability without giving a darn about concealability…this is your gun.

The EC series or Elite Combat are other tactical models. The slide can be used with optics and is tuned by Salient Arms. It includes a flared magazine, Salient Arms-designed sights and a Salient Arms extended barrel. The Combat Executive has a black barrel and an FDE finish.

  • You can also choose the Century Arms bells and whistles model.

You can purchase the TP9 Elite SC with an RMSc Shield optical. The MSRP of the TP9 Elite SC is $649. This is more than you would have to pay to purchase an optics-ready version from other brands. Century Arms offers all the details for a carry pistol.

There are also a few full-meal-deal models available for those who want a more competitive/home defense pistol.

Century offers a TP9 SFX equipped with a Vortex Viper optical, and an Elite Combat with Vortex Viper. Both are expensive at $826 and $949 MSRP, but it is less than what you would spend on an optic (AND fiber optic sights) for a Glock MOS or Smith and Wesson Performance Center ORE model.

These budget-friendly Turkish bombers are, in short, the best. A lot of value for the money. They’ve been in our office, and they’ve been shot (a few of us in the AGH offices have a Canik), and we don’t know of any gun that offers the same quality for the price. They are rugged, reliable, accurate, comfortable, reliable, and extremely affordable.

They are hands down the Best handguns Available 

About the Author Sam Hoober was born in southeastern Washington State and graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2011. With his wife and their child, he resides in the Inland Northwest. He enjoys hunting, camping, and shooting at the range.

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