The New Year’s resolution: Take Care for your Cushions

The New Year’s resolution: Take Care for your Cushions


In the past, we’ve written about how to take care of your cushions. We thought this would be the perfect time to share our New Years resolutions to remind us the reason why your cushions are important.

  • Why Cushions Need To Be Cared For
  • Let’s get straight to the point and declare that there are four excellent reasons to take care of cushions:
  • They’ll last longer which saves you money and you from the need to buy new ones
  • They will feel happier for longer
  • They’ll look better for longer
  • They’ll last longer.

How To Care For Cushions

When you are not using them, keep them covered or within. This keeps them from getting damaged by ultraviolet light and prevents excessive dirt grime, moss, grime and mildew from growing on them. Clean them whenever they’re filthy or at least once each year before storing them. A couple of times Home Improvement per year is ideal unless they require it more often. Don’t allow heavy objects to rest on your cushions for extended durations of time. This will hasten the cushions to deflate prematurely. We recommend reading our How to Care for Outdoor Patio Cushions article.

The purpose of Cushions

We cannot be without cushions. When we sit on a piece of furniture we would like to be comfortable and relaxed so we can enjoy ourselves while taking a break, reading or talking. Cushions offer the soft contouring requirements needed to let your body adapt to the shape and stiffness the furniture frame. Without cushions the experience of sitting on furniture could be, short term at best. It is possible to ensure that your cushions will last a long time by taking care of them.

A side benefit of Cushions

The main reason for comfort is to provide comfort however there are some additional benefits to cushions which some would insist on being their purpose. They’re really intended for decoration unless they’re. There are a few benefits:

  • They are a stylish addition to furniture
  • They are a nice accent to decor

The pattern of the fabric, color and shape of the cushions provide an aesthetic balance to your furniture. The pattern and colors can be used to enhance your decor. Furniture will look beautiful and add the perfect accent to your home by being cared for.

Make it a New Year’s resolution to take care of your cushions this year to ensure you can keep their great condition for many years to the future. Find out what you need to know about deep seat cushions and Wicker replacement cushions if you notice that your cushions are beginning to wear.