the furniture in your outdoor patio To Make it Winter-ready

Enjoy the season’s activities in Catch-up Mode and Take Care of the furniture in your outdoor patio To Make it Winter-ready


A few weeks ago we posted an article Winter is coming! It’s the time to get rid of your outdoor wicker furniture. We shared some great strategies to assist you in preparing for winter. This week’s article focuses on the necessity of taking good care of your patio furniture and cushions in the hope that, if you have not already taken proper care of them, you’ll take the necessary steps.

All furniture types are susceptible to aging and deterioration

No matter what type of patio furniture or cushions you have, it’s essential to take care of your furniture throughout winter. Extreme weather conditions like the freezing cold of winter, dampness and exposure to additional time in sunlight even when the furniture isn’t being used will only reduce the expected lifespan, deteriorate its appearance, and place excessive stress on its components , which can cause them to deteriorate it slowly in time.

Aging of Outdoor Furniture

If you take good care of your furniture when it’s not in use, you will lessen the risk of deterioration. Why accelerate that inevitable process when a little care taken will extend the lifespan and appearance of your furniture and save you money. By covering or storing your furniture out of the direct elements you will prolong its lifespan and make it look better longer.

Cushions for Mice as well as Other Rodents

No matter where you keep your cushions, keep in mind that rodents, such as rodents and mice are searching for warm spots in the winter months. Cushions provide the perfect place to live for them. They like to chew on the fabric and even live within the cushions. This shouldn’t happen to you. To keep mice and rodents from snatching your cushions, put moth balls on them. You don’t have to worry about the odor of mothballs absorbed into the cushions when they are in storage. Leave them for a couple of days or so out in spring and they’ll be aired out.

Enjoy the Great Weather for work

We’re experiencing better conditions than normal in the Northeast and the rest of the United States. This allows us to enjoy outdoor activities that we would not normally be able to. Take advantage of the glorious conditions by covering your furniture or storing it while it’s still warm.