There are 4 Healthy “Garden Fresh Market”

Did you know that the average American only eats one to two portions of vegetables each day? This is five times less than the recommended intake. Men should consume at least nine daily garden fresh market servings of vegetables to maintain good health. Women are advised to consume seven. It’s the unique phytochemicals in vegetables that promote good health.

Garden Fresh Market

More servings = More Benefits

Close-up of fresh vegetables, including herbs and spices. Eating fresh vegetables from the market every day is one way to improve your health. Research continues to show that the essential nutrients found in fresh produce can protect you against cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. They also provide energy and help you lose weight.

Garden Fresh Market Mighty Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals, which are powerful food ingredients that have profound effects on human health and disease prevention, can be used to enhance the quality of your diet. They are often related to plant pigments and they are why we encourage eating your colors. The most phytochemicals are found in yellow, orange, red and green fruits and vegetables. There are more than 900 of them in plant foods.

Keep it Crunchy

Cooking vegetables quickly ruins their nutritional value. You want your vegetables to be crispy and crunchy, so you can lightly saute them or steam them. Vegetables lose their crunch and nutritional value when they are no longer crunchy.

Growing inspires eating

You can grow fresh vegetables and fruits, but you also get to enjoy them. You will be able to find new recipes for tomatoes once you have a bushel of tomatoes. Picking fresh produce from the garden fresh market can be a great way for children to eat vegetables and fruits.

garden fresh market Fresh opened its second Chicago store at 5701 W. Belmont Avenue in 1985. In its first year, the 10,000-square-foot store made $6,000 per week in weekly sales. Adi recognized the importance of fresh produce and was able to adapt the store to the needs of the community to increase sales fivefold in its second year.

Adi’s first venture into a full-line grocery shop was 1993 when he purchased a 60,000 square feet shopping center. Garden Fresh then opened another store at Hintz Rd. Wheeling. Adi made the difficult decision in 2014 to close the location and move it up the road about 1.3 miles to the larger, more spacious location at 770 S. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove.

Adi was used to outgrowing walls. In 2006, Adi made the decision to relocate the Mundelein store at 340 Townline Rd. to a 100,000 sq. foot location in the same shopping center. It currently operates at 400 Townline Rd. in Mundelein.

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